Biodiversity and conservation

The Cairngorms National Park supports a rich diversity of life, with 25 per cent of the UK’s most threatened bird, animal and plant species living here, including Black Grouse, mountain hare and red squirrel.

Enclosed on all sides by high moors and hills, Glenlivet has long been a refuge for wildlife. The combination of low-lying woodlands, rivers, open ground and hill top vegetation all create perfect conditions for many typical upland species of birds and animals, including relatively rare birds of prey. Thanks to the fertile soils around Glenlivet, we’re home to some of the largest stocks of wildlife to be found in the Cairngorms. Over 200 species of birds can be seen here throughout the year. The range of wild mammals found on the estate is also highly diverse, and includes species such as the wildcat and pine marten.

The Estate supports over 100 UK Biodiversity Action Plan species including at least 23 ‘Priority Species of conservation concern.’

Priority Species known to be present on the Estate:

Mammals (4): Pipestrelle bat, Red squirrel, Brown hare, Otter

Birds (9): Skylark, Grey partridge, Capercaillie, Song thrush, Black grouse, Spotted flycatcher, Linnet, Bullfinch, Reed bunting

Invertebrates (5): Pearl bordered fritillary, Northern brown argus, Netted mountain moth, Northern dart moth, Freshwater pearl mussel

Vascular Plants (1): Juniper

Lower plants (3): Alpine sulphur tresses (a lichen), Dickies bladder fern, Aspen bracket fungus

Statutory Natural Heritage Designations

The Estate is designated as being of Great Landscape Value and is part of the Cairngorms Straths Environmentally Sensitive Area. In conservation terms, the main statutory provisions on the estate concern areas that have been designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of their wildlife value.

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