Higher education visits

Glenlivet often plays host to a range of University students from a variety of courses

Glenlivet is an award winning highland estate with a carefully managed mixture of agriculture, forestry, sport, tourism and conservation.  Glenlivet represents a working example of integrated, rural land use which illustrates many of the current issues facing land managers and remote Highalnd communities.

There are a range of opportunities for rural land use management and conservation studies including;

  • Forestry
  • Traditional agriculture
  • Diversified farming
  • Countryside Management
  • Ecology
  • Rural business
  • Biodiverstiy & conservation

We can also organise talks from partners and external specialists to share their knowledge.

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Project Work

We are happy to work with students wishing to carry out project work as part of their studies or for a dissertation.


Health & Safety

A countryside visit provides many excellent opportunities for students. Although there are some potential hazards in the outdoors these are generally very small and should not detract from the enjoyment of a visit. All of our activities are risk assessed and we encourage students to be a part of the risk management process, identifying hazards and appropriate behaviour as a group before an activity commences.

The Crown Estate holds third party insurance to cover visitors to Glenlivet Estate and every member of staff is First Aid trained. Please note that Rangers are there to lead the activities and teachers/leaders need to be responsible for the supervision and discipline of the group at all times.

Health & Safety Information sheet

Seasonal highlights

Every season brings new reasons to visit Glenlivet Estate.

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