The Autumn days are a perfect time to get out and about and explore Glenlivet, the golden sunlight highlights the autumnal colours of the birch trees down Avonside making for some spectacular scenes.


  • The autumn colours of the birch woods alongside the river Avon, easily viewed from a drive down the B9136 “avonside” road through the parish of Kirkmichael.
  • The red deer rut; the mighty red deer stags bellowing as they round up their harem of females, there are often fights – clashing and locking of antlers – as another male challenges for supremacy.  Landrover safari tours out into the hills to view this spectacle are available with Glenlivet Wildlife.
  • The arrival of the winter thrushes – fieldfare and redwing can often be spotted gorging on the rowan and hawthorn berries.
  • Fascinating fungi displays under the trees in the deep, dark, cool forests.
  • Red squirrels busy in the tree tops as they prepare for winter by eating heavily and putting on weight and caching nuts for the lean months.  They can often be seen visiting the bird feeders at the Glenlivet information centre.

Shades or sou'wester?

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  • Saturday 7 °C
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