The arrival of spring sees the snow clearing off the hills and the countryside slowly burst into life. There’s nothing better than a bracing stroll on a bright frosty day watching out for the first flash of colourful flowers and lush green leaves emerging and the sound of the spring birdsong.


  • Listen out for the arrival of the lapwing (known locally as a peeweep, after the sound they make) and watch their highly aerobatic rolling and tumbling display flights low over the farm fields.  Lapwings and other waders can easily be seen from the Tomintoul Circular walk.
  • Look out for the first flowers alongside the paths; colts foot, dog’s mercury, lesser celandine, wood anemone and cuckoo flower are amongst the first to bloom
  • Newborn lambs can be seen in the fields throughout the estate – remember to keep dogs on leads!
  • Black grouse gather on lek sites for the dawn mating displays, strutting their stuff in an effort to gain dominance of the lek site and impress the females.  Glenlivet Wildlife offer trips to watch this spectacle.
  • Larch trees, our only deciduous conifer, look lovely in spring with their fresh new green needles and larch roses – the attractive flower like clusters of pink scales that appear in spring and will eventually ripen into a cone

Shades or sou'wester?

  • Friday 10 °C
  • Saturday 7 °C
  • Sunday 7 °C
  • Monday 7 °C
  • Tuesday 8 °C