Clash Wood Path

Sat 11th & Sun 12th June 2016 - Mountain Bike Race.  Bikers will be racing downhill through Clash Wood on these dates, crossing all three tracks.  Please keep dogs under close control and give way to bikers.


Route: A short, enjoyable forest trail with fine views over Glenlivet and the surrounding countryside.
Distance: 3.2km (2 miles) circular
Duration: Allow 1 hour
Start: Clash Wood car park (Tomnavoulin): NJ 208 265

Take the forest road from the car park, continuing uphill, ignoring the first turning to your right (1). As the track climbs higher there are pleasing views looking back over farmland and across to the Ladder hills, and ravens can often be spotted soaring high overhead.

At the second junction (2) turn right onto the track following the forest road, which loops around the periphery of the plantation. The trees vary in size throughout the plantation, where the forest has been felled and replanted as part of the ongoing programme of forestry management on the estate. As you rejoin the track at the first junction overlooking Easter Corrie farmhouse (1) turn left and return back down the track to the car park.

Access information

Our beautiful landscapes are open for everyone to enjoy. But we have a few rules, to ensure they stay that way.

Shades or sou'wester?

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Location and map

Set in the stunning eastern Highlands of Scotland, there’s so much waiting to be discovered.