Primary school visits

A visit to Glenlivet Estate is the perfect way to start learning about the great outdoors.

Our ranger service team is happy to welcome primary school pupils and highly experienced in delivering a range of curriculum-based learning activities specifically designed for this age group – helping children to make the most of our facilities and explore the countryside.

See our list below for ideas of some of our most popular activities.

Senses walk

Explore our natural world with your senses

Pond dipping

Learn more about the mini-beasts of the underwater world

Bugs and beasties

Track down mini-beasts in the woodlands

Woods and wildlife

Discover the woodland habitat and its wildlife, tracks and trails

Exploring Forestry

Learn about the forestry process and final products - from tree to timber

Farming visits

Visits can be arranged to either a traditional sheep and cattle farm, or the rare brees farm - home to the Cairngorm reindeer herd

Schools leaflet

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Health & Safety

A countryside visit provides many excellent opportunities for students. Although there are some potential hazards in the outdoors these are generally very small and should not detract from the enjoyment of a visit. All of our activities are risk assessed and we encourage students to be a part of the risk management process, identifying hazards and appropriate behaviour as a group before an activity commences.

The Crown Estate holds third party insurance to cover visitors to Glenlivet Estate and every member of staff is First Aid trained. Please note that Rangers are there to lead the activities and teachers/leaders need to be responsible for the supervision and discipline of the group at all times.

Health & Safety Information sheet

Visitor information

Read up before you visit so you can make the most of your time here.

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