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Outdoor Access Code

Respect Glenlivet

Please remember this is a working estate with a community that relies on farming, forestry and sporting activities to earn a living. It is also an area of countryside with a rich natural heritage, supporting a range of birds and animals that can be vulnerable to disturbance, particularly during the breeding season.

Certain management activities, such as deer stalking or forest harvesting activities may affect trails from time to time. As these activities may affect your safety, please observe any warning signs you see and take care to act accordingly. 


Please keep your dog on a lead around livestock and during the bird nesting season (April, May and June) when many waders and moorland birds are particularly sensitive to disturbance. 

Farm Livestock

Please take care not to disturb sheep and cattle during the lambing and calving seasons (March, April, September and October).  Young cattle and bulls may be encountered which at times can be curious and approach you, however it is unusual for them to present any threat.  Do not walk between any cows and calves.  If you believe the animals may be aggressive take the shortest route out of the field and let go of any dog.

Deer Control

It is essential to reduce deer numbers by shooting to prevent damage to woodlands and farmland and keep numbers in balance with their habitat. Roe deer stalking mainly takes place in woodland areas in the evening and early morning particularly during May, June and July. Limited red deer stalking also takes place during October and November on certain hill areas, particularly in the Ladder Hills.

Grouse Shooting

This takes place on the moorland areas of the estate from August - mid Oct (except Sundays). If you encounter any shooting activities (these should be easily heard/visible ahead) please turn back, find an alternative route or wait until you are signalled that it is safe to proceed.  Some waymarked walks (The Livet Path) pass through grouse shooting areas and walkers are requested not to use certain sections of these routes when grouse shooting is in progress.


Scottish outdoor access code information available here


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