The Estate

The Estate

Lying between the Ladder Hills and the Cromdale Hills in the Cairngorms National Park, the two broad straths of the rivers Avon and Livet form the 23,000 hectare Glenlivet Estate, part of Crown Estate Scotland.

Nowhere in Glenlivet is lower than 200m (600ft) - the area is remote and relatively isolated, but the soil is fertile and the slopes of the hills are gentle, so people have lived here and worked the land since prehistoric times. 

From the 1500’s to the early 20th Century, Glenlivet Estate belonged to the Gordon family (later the Dukes of Richmond and Gordon), whose legacy can be seen through some of the ancient buildings and villages around Glenlivet.

The Crown Estate acquired the Glenlivet Estate in 1937 which today comprises over 30 let farms, 3500 hectares of commercial forests and a sporting tenancy including grouse moors, salmon fishing and deer stalking.

Over the last 25 years, the Estate has encouraged the development of recreation and tourism, welcoming a wide range of visitors who come to explore and enjoy the countryside, helping support local businesses and the tourism economy.

The Estate provides a visitor centre, range of educational services, an extensive network of walking trails and a dedicated mountain bike centre.


Glenlivet Estate has a vast variety of habitats and landscapes

The hills, woodlands and clear mountain waters of the Estate area bursting with wildlife. Years of sensitive, non-intensive farming and careful management have resulted in the protection of a number of special habitats and provided a safe refuge for some fantastic wildlife.