The Braes of Glenlivet (Trail 5)

From Allanreid car park head due South along the farm track to Achdregnie. After 100m leave the road and head towards the footbridge over the River Livet. Turn left before the bridge and head (SE) along the north bank of the river. After passing through a shelter belt of trees, the trail turns (E) leaving the river for a short section before rejoining it at the ford near Inverblye, where another bridge provides a route across the river. Cross the bridge and follow the track through a gate. Continue along the well-defined track on the south bank of the river for about 1.5km until the path meets another gate.

Continue through the gate along the hard track which after about 200m turns into a grassy track. At this point head (SE) away from the river – the main track continues upstream – picking up a hill track that heads uphill towards the Ladder Hills. As you reach the break of slope at the top of the brae the track turns (SW) and undulates for approx. 3km around the foot of the Ladder Hills passing through a couple of gates before reaching the cottage at Ladderfoot. Continue through the small ford over the Blye Water past the cottage, picking up the track (W), then head (NW) to reach the public road at Chapeltown. At the junction next to the Chapel, the route splits, with a spur to the left (S) that can be used as a detour to visit the Scalan Seminary. To follow the spur take the public road to the Eskemulloch car park then follow the farm track (signposted) to the Scalan. Return to Chapeltown by the same route.

To continue along the main route from the chapel take the public road (N) for 400m then turn right (NE) at a phone box following the tarred road that leads to Auchnascraw and Rhindu Farms. At the crossroads next to the farms, turn left (N) taking the farm track that heads (NE) through the fields to Eskemore and Badievochel. This track can often be wet, muddy and rough in places. Beyond Badievochel and below the Bochel hill, (signposted) head slightly downhill through a gate to follow the track on the downside of the fence. Eventually this will lead through open fields, where the track disappears, to reach the cottage at the Glack. Here, pick up the track that heads downhill towards the River Livet to cross the footbridge and return to the starting point at Allanreid.

Total Distance:
20km (12 miles) – 95% off-road

Approximate Duration:
3-4 hours

Trail Information:
Excellent varied route with off road sections on farm and hill tracks which can be fairly rough and muddy in places. The route is open and very exposed in bad weather but provides access to some remote and very attractive parts of the Estate, with some excellent views onto the Ladder Hills and the Braes of Glenlivet. Please ensure that all gates are left as they are found.

Recommended start point:
Allanreid (GR 235 249)

Other car parks:
Tomnavoulin (GR 212 265), Eskemulloch (GR 245 204), East Auchavaich (GR 243 209)

Places of interest:
Scalan Seminary, Braes Heritage Trail, Ladder Hills.

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