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Occasionally land management activities may affect walks and trails. Here you’ll find all the latest updates about what’s happening on Glenlivet Estate.

The mountain bike trails, cafe and all facilities will close on 30th October 2017, to allow essential tree felling works of diseased trees to take place. They are expected to re-open by Easter 2018.

The main driven grouse shoots will be taking place on the moorland areas of the estate on the following dates (2017); 21st - 23rd August, 4th - 6th September, 18th-21st Sept. If you encounter any shooting activities (these should be easily heard/visible ahead) please turn back, find an alternative route or wait until you are signaled that it is safe to proceed. Some waymarked walks (The Livet path) pass through grouse shooting areas and walkers are requested not to use certain sections of these routes when grouse shooting is in progress

The main red deer stalking activity will be taking place on certain hill areas (particularly the Ladder Hills) between 4th - 28th October. Please note – there is no shooting/stalking on a Sunday.

The "Dell footbridge" over the River Avon, (NJ 152 257) at the end of the West Avonside Path (walk 11) is closed. A large tree has washed down river and snagged on the cables underneath the bridge, snapping one cable, and the tree is now wedged under the bridge. Until repairs are undertaken the bridge is Closed.

The Drumin footbridge across the River Livet, approx 0.5km east of Drumin Castle (NJ 191 300) has washed away during flooding. This affects the riverside section of the Drumin Circular Walk (also known as the George Smith Smugglers Trail). An alternative route can be followed along the road. Please see walk description for details and map

In addition to the bridge mentioned above two other bridges have also been closed. "Achlichnie footbridge" over the River Avon (NJ 147 232) is closed. A crack has been found in the metal support of this bridge and the bridge has been closed until this can be inspected by an expert. - "Drumin Fisherman's bridge" over the River Avon (NJ 182 306) is closed. A tree fell off the bank and snagged & stretched the cables. This bridge is closed pending repair. N.B. Neither of these closures affects any of the waymarked walk routes.

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