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Outdoor Activities

The Trails

The blue trail is popular with bikers of all ages and abilities

BikeGlenlivet has something for everyone. The blue trail is a great introduction to cross country riding, while the red trail provides challenges for the experienced.  The new orange trail is an exciting free-ride trail for those with some experience.  The pump track next to the café is also great for a bit of practice or a warm up, while the skills area will set you up well for a day on the trails.

The blue trail

The blue route is perfect for novice to intermediate mountain bikers (although the experienced bikers love it too!), it's a fun packed friendly route. There are climbs but you'll be rewarded with great downhill sections of sweet, flowing trail, with some exciting features, but not too technical. 

The red trail

The red trail is accessed from the blue trail and is a little more challenging but has spectacular scenery, and a fast flowing single track trail across moorland and through woodland.

As a rough guide; usually takes around 45mins, families with children 1.5 hours to all day!

The orange trail

The new orange trail is ‘the best free-ride trail in Scotland’ and is a fun filled 1km of jumps and berms, suitable for riders with some experience of free-ride trails.

Mountain bikers on the more challenging red trail

For your safety

  • Always wear the right safety clothing - at least a helmet and gloves
  • Carry the right equipment and know how to use it
  • Only cycle within your abilities
  • Only tackle jumps and other features if you are sure you can do them - have a look first
  • Train properly, especially for difficult and technical routes
  • Expect the unexpected - watch out for other visitors
  • Follow warning signs and advice given
  • This is a working forest - look out for vehicles and timber lorries

Contact number - 07963 217793

User advice
Crown Estate Scotland encourages the reasonable and responsible use of the facilities provided and would like to remind trails users of the need to consider their skills and abilities before selecting a suitable course to ride. When you ride here please be aware you take responsibility for yourself and behave responsibly towards other users.