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Outdoor Activities

Tomintoul Circular Path

Tomintoul Circular Path

Start - 

Tomintoul village square, Campdalmore car park or Information point car park.  Following blue arrow waymarkers with Lapwing logo in the centre. 

From Tomintoul village square walk past the fountain to the crossroads with Conglass lane, continue straight ahead and look out for a small path to the left of the business units. Follow the grassy path to the end and turn left through the first of a series of gates.

The path continues between the fields before turning a sharp bend and heading close to the Conglass water. These fields are an important breeding ground for many wading birds, which are easily spotted in springtime.

The path turns sharply again (this corner is occasionally flooded when the Conglass Water is in spate) and continues parallel to the water before heading into a small birch woodland. Roe deer are often glimpsed here amongst the cover of the trees. Emerging from the trees, go up the bank ahead and turn left onto the farm track. Continue along the track, with its high bank riddled with rabbit warrens and home to some towering Scots Pine trees before emerging at Campdalmore car park.

Turn right in the car park and follow the farm track uphill towards Campdalmore Farm. Keep left when the track forks and soon you will reach the Victor Gaffney viewpoint which offers a stunning view and a welcome rest point. The outstanding viewpoint, named after a local historian, looks over to the peaks of Ben Avon in the distance with the twisting river Avon winding its way down the glen in the foreground. After admiring the view continue along the track before turning left and down a flight of steps to cross the road.

Continue down the steps on the other side of the road and along the path through woodland running parallel to the River Avon below. The path then turns left and continues between fields before joining a farm track onto which you turn left and back into Tomintoul. As you approach the houses turn right and walk up Cults Drive and past the primary school as far as the Richmond Memorial Hall. Here turn left and emerge back in the village square.